Book a room - quick and easy!

KraftWerket is for young people between the age of 15 - 30 years old. 
The house has a meeting room, creative spaces, Tv Studio, Kitchen, Music studio, venue and more.
If you want to see the house and hear what you can use it for, feel free to send and e-mail to info@kraftwerket or drop by at Thusdays from 10.00-20.00 

Check the Calender/ kalender before booking a room to see if it is available. If it is available then press create booking / opret booking

Your booking will be in red, since it has to be approved by the employees of Kraftwerket. 

When the booking is been approved it will be blue!
Underwerket (Kraftwerkets Venue) has a collaborative and independent group of bookers who focus on international touring bands. You can contact the group through and we will pass your request on to the booker who fits the best. This is the only way to book Underwerket!

Please contact the employees at to get a key to the house. It costs 80 kr. and it is personal to fit your specific use of the house. You can also get one a the house meetings, which are every 3. week on Wednesday from 18.00, the dates can be found on Kraftwerket's Facebook page - 


Please feel free to get in touch through to learn all about the possiblities the house offers.